Our Charity Work

As all of you know, thousands of people were displaced in Kerala last year due to massive floods and destructive natural calamity.  Many have been relocated to relief camps with just bare necessities.  Kerala Association of Palm Beach  wanted to extend the hands of support to our brothers and sisters in Kerala.  A  Kerala Flood Relief Fund was set up  to raise funds to build at least one home for the needy.   
I am so proud to say that together we were able to raise  $7000, just enough to build a new house in Kerala for the needy.  We would like to express our heartfelt “Thank You” for your overwhelming response in contributing to the fund. 

We are so excited to inform you all that our house is currently being constructed in Wayanadu district through FOMAA and expected to complete by June 2019.  

Together we were able to make a difference.  Your donations to the Kerala Flood Relief Fund is greatly appreciated and we thank you once again for your support. 

Below are the sample homes being constructed.
Kerala Association of Palm Beach committee decided that a part of our income will be donated to the needy people in our homeland. When we get a request for the financial help, you could help through the association or directly send the money to the Requester.