About KAPB

It has been the dream of Malayalees of Palm Beach, and neighboring counties, to have our own association. January 9, 2011 was a “GOLDEN DAY” in the fulfillment of that dream. A small group of people met and started the long awaited Kerala Association of Palm Beach.

The decision to form the Association was taken by a group of Malayalees from all walks of life representing different religions and denominations who gathered at the residence of Mr. Mathew Thomas at Wellington on January 9th, 2011. They decided to call it “the Kerala Association of Palm Beach” and elected an Executive Committee with Mathew Thomas as its first President. The following are the other members of the Committee:

Vice President- Babu Vettom, Secretary- Lukose Pynumkan, Treasurer- Saji Johnson, Joint Secretary- George Joseph, Joint Treasurer- Jijo Jose and Committee Members – Reji Sebastian, Joseph Issac, Babu Thomas, Reni Kunnel, Saji Thomas, Manoj Joseph & Anil Kumar Karunakaran.

Mr. Antony Chatham was entrusted with the responsibility of preparing the by-laws of the Association with the assistance of the executive committee members.

KAPB’s main objective is to maintain and preserve the culture and heritage of Kerala. The association intends to conduct numerous programs and activities for the progression of our community. Opportunities for the involvement of all members, especially the children, will be our priority.

We understand that the future of KAPB is in the hands of generations to come. Therefore, the participation and leadership of our youth is of great importance.

We, the members, are also an important part of this association. As a means to support the community, we will encourage all to take part in forums to exchange views and ideas. In the future, humanitarian projects can be conducted locally, nationally, and internationally. These forums and projects will promote social and cultural growth of the Kerala Association of Palm Beach.